Leadership and Service

We are four days away from our Blessing Bags 2022 event! I am so damn excited about this event! But if I'm honest...we haven't reached any of our goals! Literally none. 

As I assessed our progress or lack there of, I started to finger point in my mind, asking questions like:

"Who dropped the ball?"

"Why isn't that coordinated?"

"Where are we with this item?"

But as I asked those questions, it hit me. Leadership is accountability! I've spent two decades developing my personal leadership style. And one of the leading tenets of that style is accountability. So the new questions I asked myself as I reviewed our progress to serve are:

Did I communicate with intention? And, was my communication clear?

Did I follow-up to inspect what I expect? I don't like to micro manage but following up after giving direction is an example of strong leadership.

And lastly, have I been consistent in my messaging to my team about the expected deliverables?

So, here we are...4 days away from Blessing Bags 2022! We have 25 of 150 volunteers registered, $964 of $15,000 raised and $1500 of our $15,000 sponsorship goal reached. 

The reality is, people are in need. There are over 60,000 men and women living on the streets on any given night is L.A. County. Those folks need us to show up! We cannot afford to miss the mark. So in four days, WE WILL PULL THIS OFF!! Our unhoused neighbors will get these Blessing Bags. 

Join us as we SERVE in any way that works for you!

Here are a few ways to get involved:

1. Sponsor or connect us via email (kenyak@asteptofreedom.org) to someone in your network who might be willing to sponsor the event. Sponsorship deck attached.

2. In-kind donations: Here is our Amazon wishlist https://bit.ly/ASFwishlist

3. Volunteer: (THIS IS OUR GREATEST NEED currently) We are in need of volunteer groups to support us in packing blessing bags before the event. We are also accepting 50 volunteers for May 7th! To select a volunteer day click this link and please feel free to share this opportunity with others! https://bit.ly/ASFVolunteerBB

4. Post the link for your network to help us reach our fundraising goal!  https://bit.ly/ASFBlessingBag22
Thank you to everyone who has already supported this event! Your efforts are much appreciated.