Second Chances

Second Chance Month is a national observance in April aimed at raising awareness about the barriers faced by people with criminal records and advocating for policies that promote second chances. Our organization is dedicated to serving justice-impacted individuals by providing resources and support to help them successfully reintegrate into society. Through job training, education, and counseling, we aim to break down the systemic barriers that prevent individuals from moving forward after a conviction.

During Second Chance Month, we are committed to amplifying the voices of justice-impacted individuals and advocating for fair and equitable policies that promote rehabilitation and reentry.


Herbert Petty, Program Manager as A Step to Freedom

Petty is the Program Manager at ASF 80th A and 80th B sites. At one point of time he ran 106th ODR site at the same time as 80th A & B. "I have been responsible for 21 employees at once, and 3 sites." - Petty

"Before coming to ASF, I was incarcerated for 2 years and had only been free for six months before finding employment with the company. I come from South Central L.A. and I'm very familiar with gangs, crime, and seeing the effects of what crack cocaine and gangs have done to the city. So when I'm doing this work I do it with passion."

Program Manager, A Step to Freedom

A Step to Freedom’s Re-entry (Vital Documents) Program helps participants obtain the vital documents required to secure employment (i.e., birth certificate, ID/Driver’s License, Social Security card, etc.) taking them one step closer to self-sufficiency. The purpose of the program is to reduce the barriers that hinder a participant’s ability to obtain stable employment and permanent housing.